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Mecacontrol – A Story of Trust

Even if it’s related to work, I’m more and more aware every day of how important it is to travel and to enjoy the world.

Travelling helps us to disconnect and have experiences that bring us fulfilment.

So, in this blog entry, I’d like to tell you about a work trip I took in 2019 to a factory in Poland owned by the  MECACONTROL. Group. Specifically, to the city of Dąbrowa Górnicza, about 90 km from Kraków, a wonderful city that is home to both a wealth of art with a disturbing Nazi past in its Jewish quarter.

My objective was to help the MECACONTROL Group factory’s management team to improve its results by reviewing its main organisational systems through the HPO (High Performance Organisations) model that we used in ActioGlobal® to accelerate growth in earnings.


Activities like this are no easy task, mainly because you have to dig around into the most sensitive parts of the organisation, such as the organisational design, the leadership model, the management system, the communication channels, the way the business objectives are understood by the organisation as a whole, or the capacity to execute tasks. You always find malfunctions and problems that make some people embarrassed, and which need to be handled with skill so that they don’t feel threatened. To do this, it’s vital to focus on how value is delivered to clients so that a powerful action plan can be put in place to redress the situation.

In under 12 months, the plant saw a radical change in its results. This rapid intervention BusinessAdvisory consisted not only of a diagnostic and action plan, but also a series of follow-up meetings based on Scrum routines and an action plan designed using Kanban boards, with a system of goals based on OKR (Objectives and Key Results).


Once the project was finished, I realised how important it is to trust yourself and to inspire trust in your client. I wouldn’t have been able to do this job if it weren’t for the trust generated through previous work with the MECACONTROL Group and through my friendship with its CEO Ignacio Alvarez Santidrian, a great professional and a fantastic person.

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