To inspire, challenge and provoke.

the motivation your team needs

Inspire, challenge and provoke people through words to help create more effective organisations, without sacrificing wellbeing in the workplace.

My experience has taken me inside companies from all over the world and from a wide range of sectors. I’ve seen success stories and failures, and in all of them I’ve learned and grown personally and, above all, professionally.

Teams are often in need of the motivation they’ve lost, the solution they’ve been looking for, or the right method to achieve their objectives.

I’ve been giving talks for many years to share my experience, my enthusiasm and my knowledge with companies and their teams.

Talks to CEOs and Management Teams




Debates and round tables

If you’re looking for a speaker with entrepreneurial DNA, a talk to motivate your team with a disruptive vision of organisations, or you’d like me to take part in a meeting or debate, I’ll be happy to join you. We will learn together.

These are some of the TOPICS I like to talk about:

The loneliness of CEOs in a world of exponential change.
How business models need to evolve through exponential technologies and start-ups.
The Department: the real cancer of organisations.
The drama of Human Resources in the talent drain.
The 4 organisational dysfunctions that have changed management models and the world order.
When you understand that the destiny of every company is to be bought out, you act like the best CEOs.
Start-ups: the threat that will spell the end of big corporations.
When the best university in the world is called Youtube University...


In-person or virtual

English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

inspire, provoke and grow

I offer my services as a speaker or collaborator for people and organisations who share my values and concerns, who want to learn and make a shift towards more disruptive thinking.

I share everything I know and everything I’ve learned, openly, without filters, without holding anything back, because I believe that is where the value lies.