The value of knowing where to invest


I’ve tackled so many business challenges that I’ve developed the ability to easily spot which companies do and do not have the potential for scaling.
Knowing how to choose a company to invest in is a value I want to exploit. Like any investor, I’m looking for a return for myself and for the company by accelerating its transformation.

I gain both financial return and satisfaction because I find it hugely exciting to participate in the projects of entrepreneurs, start-ups and CEOs who want to level up their companies and evolve on a personal level.

SERVICES I OFFER together with my strategic partners and allies:

Participation in organisations that appeal to me, because I share their values and want to help them.

Business Angel, where I contribute my knowledge and money towards achieving profitability.

Co-creation of start-ups as a solution to solve some of the business challenges faced by my clients.

Advisory services for Private Equity companies in their search for companies to represent.

Participation in Venture Capital financing rounds.


… a project, a high-level strategic operation or you want to share an idea that you believe will change the world, contact me: