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The Spanish Ministry of Labour has met this week with representatives of the CCOO and UGT trade unions and the CEOE and Cepyme employers’ associations to address the problem of unfilled vacancies in Spain.

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🗣️ My comments:

  • It’s possible that most people may not understand my opinion on this issue, but this is how I see it.
  • The problem with this type of analysis is that it’s based on immutable rules and positions, and we always get into a vicious circle that contributes nothing to the readers, to those affected, or to anyone else. It simply generates controversy, debate and confrontation.
  • We need to break the vicious circle in order to solve problems like these:

1️⃣ Employers say they are unable to raise wages because they don’t have enough profits.

2️⃣ Workers say they are underpaid, and logically they cannot and do not want to do more for less or the same money.

What can we do then?

💶 It’s very easy. We distribute the company’s profits fairly according to the profitability that each worker generates for the business.

I’m sure some of you will be shocked by that. I said that most people wouldn’t understand. To create a system of employment that’s paid according to the profitability of the business – and I’m not talking here about productivity, a term that’s so misused used in this country –  the salary should be directly related to the company’s quarterly results. Why quarterly? Because it’s a short enough time period to keep the goal in view, and long enough to implement initiatives that give results in all areas of the company.

I’m in favour of:

1️⃣ Radical transparency in business results, to build trust and share out the profit obtained accordingly (with prior negotiation).

2️⃣ Getting rid of concepts such as seniority, which don’t protect anyone, but simply hold back the individual development of workers. As well as eliminating, once and for all, the now obsolete system of professional categories.

3️⃣ Empowering 100% of employees to decide what initiatives they need to take in their area to achieve those quarterly results.

With this agility and dynamism, I can assure you that the situation would completely change. Everyone would make efforts to improve and develop, and a lot of wealth would be generated in the process. Those 100,000 job vacancies would be filled in a second.

And I would also apply it in the Administration, with a change that would probably be very unpopular – getting rid of “jobs for life”. I’d set a maximum limit of 5 years, so that everyone could move on to the corporate labour market and open up opportunities for more disadvantaged people.

💬 Feedback, criticism and complaints are very welcome in the comments. ⬇️ ⬇️.


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